Terms and Condtions


1.1. Devondogfield.co.uk is run and managed by PetTastic. All references in these terms and conditions relate to PetTastic.
1.2. The parties to the contract are PetTastic (which is the trading name for the service provider) referred to as “PetTastic”, “we”,”us” and “our” and the Buyer referred to as “the buyer” or “you” and identified on the order form. The “Agreement” reached between PetTastic and “the buyer” represents a legally binding Agreement.

1.3. By using this site and our booking system through Acuity scheduling you agree that you accept our full terms and conditions, as detailed below


2.1. All sessions booked and paid for are non refundable or transferable to another household. If you are unable to make a session we can postpone or move your session to another day but we must receive a minimum of 48 hours notice (you can re-schedule a session online). If you inform us less than 48hours before your session is due to start, sorry that session will be lost. At times we may be able to re-advertise that sessions and if it gets filled we can give you a credit for another day. Re-scheduling the same session can only be done a max of two times. If that session is attempted to be moved for a third time we are sorry but that session will be cancelled and lost. If you Postpone a session or receive a credit it must be taken within 90 days from the booking date. 

2.2.  Package offers - you will need to purchase a package first based on your number of dogs and the discount amount you would like to recieve. Once purchased you will be given a unique code. You use this code to book either two or four sessions, either one at a time or all at the same time. If paying cash on the day, these can be booked singly and will qualify for the offer.

2.3. Package offers - all sessions must be taken within a 30 day period, starting from when you purchased your package. Visitors/bookings must be from the same household to get the offer. Bookings are non transferable to another household. If you are unable to make a booking see our general terms above. You can re-schedule a session yourself online, but it must remain within the 30 day period to qualify for the offer.

2.4. Loyalty Points. NOT CURRENTLY OPERATIONAL - An account will need to be create for points to be awarded. Currently for every £1.00 you spend you'll get 1 point worth 13p. When you have collected 8 points or more you can use them off your next purchase. They will need to be used within 1 month, after this time they will be gone. They are non transferable. Once logged in it will show 'Welcome; your name, Example: You have 16 Loyalty Points worth £2.08 (need at least 8 points to use them). When at 8 points or more and you are at the checkout stage it will show; Example 'You currently have 8 loyalty points worth £1.04 that you can use on this order' just hit 'redeem button' to use. NOTE! No loyalty points are awarded if taking our 25% off (4for3 offer). These points will be removed from your account. If you have redeemed these points in error we shall claim the amount back from you. We have the right to end our loyalty point scheme at any time. We have the right to remove loyalty points where the incorrect dog waste bags have been left or no effort has been made to pick up after your dog.

2.5. Last Minute offers by voucher code: At times we may offer money off or a percentage off for last minute single sessions. These offers are for the days stipulated at the time of offer, If you use the discount code for any day that does not qualify for that offer then we have the right to claim back the discounted amount given. Any discounted session cannot be re-scheduled as these are last minute offers. If you are unable to make these sessions these are lost.


3.1. Start Time: Field use starts on the hour, please do not drive through the entrance gate from the road if you're early, wait outside keeping to the left until 5 to the hour and as long as the parking area is clear. Even if there is no car in the parking area, the field maybe in use by our onsite guests.

3.2. Duration: Field use lasts for 50 minutes, you must vacate the field 10 to the hour and exit the parking area 5 to the hour, this gives you 5 minutes at the end to get dogs back into your car. (require a 25 minute session, please contact us.) Weekends and bank holidays are 50 minutes only. 

3.3. Exiting: Your must depart from the field at 10 to the hour and vacate the car parking area 5 minutes before the next hour.


4.1. Dogs - any dog showing signs of illness should not visit our field.

4.2. XL Bully breeds - At the Devon Dog field we believe every dog should be able to run around off lead and unmuzzled. If you own an XL bully breed you'll be aware that new rules have come into place regarding these breeds and we wanted to share our rules for visitors with XL bullies. Some of these rules are stipulations from our own field insurance cover. 

Just to reassure you all XL bullys are welcome at the Devon Dog Field as we are not a public space, the field is hired on a sole use basis.

Any dog that has been registered and listed as an XL bully the following shall apply.


  • Your dog must be on a short lead and muzzled from your vehicle and into the field.
  • Once in the field and the gate is shut with the bolt across you may remove your dogs muzzle and lead. They can run freely off the lead in a secure environment.
  • They must be registered with the index of exempted dog (IED) (proof required please)
  • Be Neutered & microchipped as per the rules set.
  • You must have your own public liability insurance for your dog (proof required please)
  • It must be 1 handler per XL bully Handler/ dog ratio 1:1. So if two XL bullys in your household then there must be 2 handlers (over 18’s). If you have 1 XL bully and another dog in your household then you must have 1 handler for the XL bully and 1 handler for the other dog. The field can only be hired for one household /vehicle (no sharing)
  • We also have a metal gate that leads into the parking area of the field, we would be very grateful if you could close this too whilst in the field

We understand that your dog may not be a danger and is actually the softest dog, but these stipulation have been applied to us by our insurance company so please do respect these rules.


5.1. Basic cost covers Parking for 1 vehicle / household,  wished to bring a 2nd vehicle (50 minute sessions only), the charge would be £2.00 when paid in advance of your session or £4.00 if paying when you visit. Max of 2 vehicles only.

Paying for your second vehicle - This can be paid for online when you book your session or via bacs before or on the day of your session. You'll need to text me to inform me of a 2nd vehicle and I shall provide you with my bank details for payment via bacs. If we spot a 2nd vehicle that has not been paid for, we have the right to restrict future visits or cancel any future visit's booked. We shall always  give you the opportunity to pay for the extra car first.

5.2. Visitors on foot are not allowed.


6.1.  Our field is for the exercise of dogs and not a playground for children. If we have allowed you to bring children to the field then they must not play or climb on any of the equipment, this goes for Adults to. Footballs must not be kicked at the fences.

6.2. Children must be  supervised by an Adult at all times. We ask that children keep noise to a minimum so not to upset our neighbours and onsite holiday guests.  Babies in prams or push chairs are fine.

6.3. Max of 3 children per visit from 1 household.


7.1. over 16’s only. 

7.2 Bookings for this event cannot be cancelled or re-scheduled to another day. If you are unable to make it, just let us know and we will donate the full 100% of the money you paid to the charity. 

7,3. 1 vehicle max and up to 3 dogs max. All dog waste to be cleared up.


8.1 We accept debit/credit card payment securely online via Stripe

8.2 We accept debit/credit card payment and PayPal account payments online via PayPal.

8.3 We accept payment by cash or bank transfer


Every effort is made to ensure that the information that is contained within the website devondogfield.co.uk is correct and up to date. However errors do occur from time to time, these errors may range from pricing, product images and contents. We will endeavour to put any errors right as soon as possible. You may also find that our product range and prices may change from time to time. We can not be held responsible for any losses incurred due to these errors or changes.


10.1 This Agreement will be subject to English Law and any dispute will be held in an English court of law.
10.2 The Buyer’s Statutory Rights are unaffected


11.1 We will at all times observe the requirements of the Data Protection Act 1998. Any personal information which we hold will be held securely in accordance with our internal security policy. We will not sell or transfer any of your personal information; the information that we hold will be for our own use or any of our other associated companies.
The type of information we may collect from you will include:-
Your name and address; your telephone number; your email address.
If requested you may receive email newsletters from PetTastic or our other associated companies; you have the right to unsubscribe to these newsletters at any time.

If you have any questions or comments regarding privacy please E-mail us