To help with confusion about our dog field here are the most Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: Is it free to use?
A: No you have to pay to hire our field, see our services section for prices.

Q: Can we just turn up?
A: No, you need to book in advance before visiting. There maybe dogs in the field that are reactive to people.

Q: Can we come and have a look?

A: No sorry, no visitors without an appointment

Q: Will it be just me and my dog in the field?
A: Yes, each session is sol use so just you and your dog in the field at any one time.

Q: Can I share the field with a friend and their dog.

A: Yes you can. They can either travel in your car with you or they can bring their own car (extra charge for extra vehicle). There may also be an extra charge depending on total number of dogs.

Q: Can we park a car in the lane and walk onto site.

A: No. All vehicles must be parked in the parking area (max 2 vehicles) No public to walk onto site. 

Q: Is it just an empty field and is it really secure?
A: The field is totally secure with 1.9m tall deer fence. No it's not an empty field, we have lots of fun dog equipment in the field, scroll through our pictures to view what's available

Q:  Are there bangs or gun shots nearby

A: We are located in a rural community close to a local shoot. From 1st September until Christmas there maybe occasional shooting from a local shoot about a mile away. It happens about 3 times a week and lasts for 15 minutes. Day and time unknown as it changes

Q: How to we pay?

A: When choosing your day and time for your session you'll be given the option to by either Paypal or by stripe using your debit/credit card. You can also pay by Bacs or cash on arrival  (message us directly to book if paying by this option)

Q: Are there any discounts if I visit regularly?

A: Yes, we run a loyalty discount scheme. The more you visit the bigger the discount. Currently between 15% up to 30% OFF

Q: I have a Bully Breed ca I visit?

A Yes but please make contact with us first so we can inform you of our rules.