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About our field

Adopted in 2018 when a need came for a space in North Devon where dogs and can safely be let off lead without them worrying local farmers sheep and other animals. It became a secure exclusive use field for our own dogs and our holiday makers dogs (some reactive). Now open to all It's was amazing how far our guests travel to have use of our field, it's sole use so just you and your dog. It was not long that word got about locally, many just unable to let their dogs off the lead. It was because of this need that we decided to open our secure field to all. We love dogs and why shouldn't they have a safe place to play!

A little about us

We meet through our love of dogs and have owned many rescue dogs over a period of  24+ years. Some of these dogs had issues, reactive, no recall while others were just perfect once we had done a bit of training and good old fashioned exercise.

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Dog related Businesses

Since 2006 we have run businesses related to dogs and animals. Then we was based in Kent.

2006 PetTastic was born. A pet supplies business selling innovative dog products online. Also at the same time we ran a home boarding business where dogs came and stayed in our own home. At some weekends we had seven dogs including our own. They went everywhere with us, dog country shows, fun dog shows.

In 2008 we stopped dog boarding as PetTastic was on the road. We attended around 20 outdoor shows a year with our trade stand selling our innovative dog products. We did dog shows, country shows/fairs & camping shows. We meet some lovely people and their dogs, many with amazing stories to tell.

Time for a change

In 2015 we made the big jump to move to Devon from Kent. Devon was the place where we always spent our holidays with our dogs, in fact we choose our accommodation based on their needs.

Sadly due to our new location we had to stop exhibiting at shows, we now only do a few local smaller shows Dogs trust, RSPCA, Spaniel Welfare etc.. 

2018 We had a paddock which had 6 foot fence and as owners of a reactive dog, human and dog reactive we decided this was a great space for her to run and play without interference from others. During our time as dog owners we also had a spaniel that was an escape artist when it came to fences around gardens, she would always find a way; over, through or under the fence. Our secure field with 6 foot fence would have been the perfect solution for her but sadly she went to rainbow bridge before we moved to Devon. 

Since opening the field to all it has proved to be a massive hit. It's hard to believe how many owners also have a reactive nervous dog or a dog that cannot go off the lead due to prey drive. We just love watching dogs run for their first time off the lead.

It's been a hell of a ride, high's and low's but we just love watching dog and owner enjoy all that we have created.

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Darren & Sarah