Secure dog field to match your needs

Your dog really can have the time of their lives

Reactive Dog

Those with a reactive dog will now all to well how difficult it is to walk and exercise their dog. Our field is exclusive use so just you and your reactive dog. Nobody will bother you meaning you can relax and let your dog play off lead

Reactive to other dogs / people

Prey Drive

Dogs run off chasing animals. Another hard thing to cure, you can call and whistle as much as you like, but something is just more appealing to them. Dogs with prey drive generally cannot go off lead unless in a secure space. 

dog runs off after prey

These are the top four reasons why people use our secure field .

Puppy Training

Worried about letting your new puppy off the lead, Will they walk with you or is something else very tempting for them. How about learning a bit of puppy recall or scent work with no distractions? Our field is perfect for them. Meet with someone else for a puppy play date.

Lawn mowing

Rescue Dog Training

Just taken on a new rescue dog from UK or abroad. Does your dog have issues that you need to work on, No recall, dislike of other dogs, a bit plump or perhaps you just wish to let them run and play. Our dog field is the place for them. It's totally secure with 6 foot fence. 

Lawn care

What's provided

  • An all weather parking area off the road
  • A totally secure 2 acre field, with latch to lock yourselves in.
  • Field is sole use, so just you and your dog, or you can walk with a friend.
  • Fence is over 6 feet tall, designed to keep tiny and large dogs in
  • We have created a narrow section near the gate, this will help you catch dogs that do not wish to go home.
  • Grass kept short to stop risk of ticks and other diseases
  • Our field is amazingly well drained, very little mud even on the wettest days 
  • Compostable dog poop bags available to purchase, these can go in our  poop waste bin
  • A field shelter to help keep the rain off or to act as shade on hot days.
  • A picnic table so you can sit and chill out
  • Stunning views of Exmoor, we're 1000 feet up
  • We regularly check our field to make sure that it's still 100% secure, no holes, no damage etc. 

Fun at the Dog park

Of course it's not just about walking at our dog field. We are adding equipment to make your dogs visit more interesting.

  • Straw/hay bales for dogs to jump over
  • Hide and seek, you hide behind the pallets and your dog has to find you, great for recall training.
  • Rubber tyres for dogs to sniff around or go through
  • Agility weave poles and 2x jumps
  • Dog Tunnel
  • 'A' frame for dogs to climb up and a balance beam
  • Our  Fort has two tunnels, a ramp and some steps for your dog to navigate, this is a real dog favourite.
  • It won't stop there ,as we think of more we'll add it.