Dog Friendly Accommodation near by

Looking to stay some where close to the dog walking field. We have teamed up with accommodation providers in the North Devon area.

Looking for a takeaway, hot drink or bite to eat

Here are some local shops or pubs

Bratton Fleming stores and cafe - You can eat in or get a hot or cold drink. They do pasties, sandwiches or cakes. 

Challacombe post office and stores: You can get a takeaway hot drink or food. Pasties, cakes etc.. In summer months you can enjoy lunch in their tea garden.

Challacombe: Black Venus pub for food and drink. Eat inside or out. 


Take a look at Pet Holiday Finder for all types of accommodation that is within a good distance to the dog field. 

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Dog walkers, sitters and home boarders

There are times when you require a reliable person or business to look after your dog, whether it's just for a day, a night or a whole week. Perhaps you need someone to walk your dog once a day due to work commitments. 

Here a few local businesses that maybe able to help.

We've teamed up with

They bring the best dog services in the South West together onto one platform. Their aim is to provide an easy to use website for dog owners to browse services and contact business owners directly.