Booking the field

Book now before they do


Our 50 minutes sessions start on the hour. You'll also get 5 minutes to load you dogs back into the car. We have a 5 minute cross over period between bookings to ensure that dogs can enter/exit the field safely without meeting or seeing other dogs.

25 minute sessions maybe available weekdays, please text to enquire. Alternatively book 4 x 50 minute sessions which work out cheaper than 25 minute sessions and you can stay 25 minutes to 50 minutes, ideal if you think you may arrive late.

Field hire Prices

Current OFFERS: 

Get 15% OFF when you book 2x sessions within a 30 day period.

Get 29% OFF when you book  4x sessions within a 30 day period (works out as 4 sessions for the price of 3).

(50 minute sessions only) (T&C's apply)

1 vehicle is included in the price, there is a charge of +£2.00 for a second vehicle for all 50 minute sessions (1 vehicle only for 25 minute sessions).

Effective from 1st January 2024

Session Length

25 minutes - 1 car / household & 1 - 3 dogs - £6.50

50 minutes - 1 car/household & 1-3 dogs £10.00

50 minutes - 1 car/household & 4-6 dogs £12.00


Require a 2nd vehicle (50 minute session only), the charge would be £2.00 when paid in advance of your session or £4.00 if paying when you visit and you have not informed us.

Paying for your second vehicle - This can be paid for online when you book your session or via bacs before or on the day of your session. You'll need to text me to inform me of a 2nd vehicle and I shall provide you with my bank details for payment via bacs. If we spot a 2nd vehicle that has not been paid for, we have the right to restrict future visits or cancel future visits.

Compostable dog poop bags - There is a charge of £1.60 for 2 rolls (30 bags). payable when you book a sessions or on the day (cash)

Availability and Booking

To view latest availability and to book online, just click on the button. This will take you to our booking site.

How it works

Welcome to the online booking for the North Devon Secure Dog Walking Field (aka Devon Dog Field)

When making a single or two bookings you'll need to; 

1st) Select how many dogs you are bringing. 

2nd) Will there be any extras, for example will there be an extra vehicle (1 vehicle for free, max 2), will you require our compostable dog waste bags or are you a first time visitor. 

3rd) choose a day and time. 

4th) enter your details and make the booking, you'll need to enter your mobile number as we use this to text the gate code.

Package offers: 

2x 50 minute sessions get 15% Off or Book 1 and get 1 half price (if still available)

4x 50 minute sessions. Take advantage of our book 4 sessions, get 30% OFF 

Once the package has been purchased, you'll be able to book sessions when you're ready as you will get a unique code, just use this code to book your 2 or 4 sessions. (all 2 or 4 sessions will need to be taken within a  30 period ).

Once you have booked a session you'll receive an email confirmation. A reminder will be sent 24 hours before your session is due to start. The code to the gate will be sent to your email  3 hours before your session is due to start.

New visitor or you have not been for 6 months or more: we shall meet you at our gate from the road, a gate code will be sent but ignore it and wait outside our gate.

Regular visitor: follow guidance below

Start Time: Field use starts on the hour, please do not drive through the entrance gate from the road if you're early, wait outside keeping to the left until at least 10 to the hour and as long as the field is clear and not in use. Even if there is no car in the parking area, the field maybe in use by our onsite guests.

Duration: Field use lasts for 50 minutes with 5 minutes at the end to get dogs back into your car, please vacate the field at 10 to the hour. (require a 25 minute session, please contact us.) Weekends and bank holidays are 50 minutes only. You must vacate the car parking area 5 minutes before the next hour.

Vehicles: Basic cost covers Parking for 1 vehicle, if you wished to bring an extra vehicle there's +£2.00 charge when paid in advance. (max of 2 cars/ households). Visitors on foot are not allowed.

Children: Our field is for the exercise of dogs and is not a playground for children. Max of 3 children per visit and children must be supervised by an adult at all times. Equipment within the field is for dogs use only, no children or adults to climb on any of the equipment. Footballs must not be kicked at the fences.

Postpone/re-schedule a session: 48 notice is required to re-schedule or postpone a session. You can now re-schedule a session yourself online. Bookings are non refundable and non transferable. If less than 48 hours notice is given the session is lost. If you postpone a session it must be taken within 3 months.

Dog poop: All dog waste must be picked up. if using your own dog waste bags please take them home with you. Only waste bags that say 100% compostable on the bag and have been confirmed by us (made from cornstarch) can go in the green bin. You can now purchase bags from us if you forget yours.

Dog Health: Your dog must be healthy and showing no signs of illness when visiting our dog park. Max of 6 dogs Max of 2 vehicles. Pedestrians arriving on foot are not allowed.
Location - The dog park is located down a country lane 1 mile from the A399, at Devon Banks Campsite on RIGHT of lane, follow slate signs with caravan on. An email with directions will be sent to you once your order has been processed,

Terms of use

Our field is for the exercise of dogs and not children. We prefer that only over 16's are within our field. If you wish to bring anyone under the age of 16 please contact us first. Babies in prams or push chairs are fine. If we have allowed your child /children they must keep off the dog equipment and keep noise to a minimum so as not to upset our neighbors and onsite holiday guests.

Just a few things to be mindful of please when using the Dog Field :-

1) Many of the dogs that use the field are reactive in one way or another. If you arrive early for your appointment and the field is in use, please park and wait outside the road wooden gate, this enables the user time to carry on enjoying the field and have a non stressful exit.

2) During wet weather the field stays in an amazing good condition despite all the rain, but you may find it a bit muddier around the entrance.

3) Please pick up your dog's poo! If you use your own poop bags these must be taken away with you. If you use our 100% compostable poop bags which we provide these can go in the green dog waste bin . (Bio degredable are NOT compostable). We're eco here and are reducing our plastic waste.