Booking the field

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All of our sessions are 50 minutes long, starting on the hour. You'll also get 5 minutes to load you dogs back into the car. We have a 5 minute cross over period between bookings to ensure that dogs can enter/exit the field safely without meeting or seeing other dogs.

Summer months The field is open; Monday to Sunday 7:00am - 9:00pm

Winter months the field is open; Monday to Sunday: 8.00am - 5.00pm 

Bank Holidays: limited opening. contact us

Winter months last use dusk.

Current Prices

OFFERS: Book 4 sessions and get 25% OFF (equivalent to 4 for price of 3) for all 50 minute sessions (T&C's apply)

1 vehicle is included in the price, there is a charge of +£2.00 for a second vehicle for all 50 minute sessions (1 vehicle only for 25 minute sessions).

Session Length1-2 dogs3-4 dogs 5-6 dogs
25 minutes (currently not available)£6.00£8.00not available
50 minutes£8.50 (was £10.00)£10.00£12.00


To view latest availability or to book online, just click on the BOOK NOW button (this will take you to our sister website that takes online bookings) 

Terms of use

Our field is for the exercise of dogs and not children. We prefer that only over 16's are within our field. If you wish to bring anyone under the age of 16 you must contact us first. Babies in prams or push chairs are fine. If we have allowed your child /children they must keep off the dog equipment and keep noise to a minimum so as not to upset our holiday guests.

Just a few things to be mindful of please when using the Dog Field :-

1) Many of the dogs that use the field are reactive in one way or another. If you arrive early for your appointment and the field is in use, please park and wait outside the road wooden gate, this enables the user time to carry on enjoying the field and have a non stressful exit.

2) During wet weather the field stays in an amazing good condition despite all the rain, but you may find it a bit muddier around the entrance.

3) Please pick up your dog's poo! If you use your own poop bags these must be taken away with you. If you use our 100% compostable poop bags which we provide these can go in the green dog waste bin . (Bio degredable are NOT compostable). We're eco here and are reducing our plastic waste.